It might be time to incorporate a well-designed patio into your garden or backyard to create a comfortable outdoor living space for some morning coffee, outdoor dining, or simply relaxing with family and friends. Should you make it your next DIY project or contact a professional?

Male worker laying a slate during patio installation
Professional Patio Installation

There are instances where a DIY project can work to transform your outdoor living space. You can create your desired look and feel while saving some money — maybe up to 50% of the total costs involved when using a contractor. Besides, a DIY can be rewarding and fun!

Conversely, most outdoor projects such as landscaping and lighting may require the expertise of a construction professional due to the complex nature of the job. Patio construction might require the help of heavy machinery and a trained mason to install the pavers or flagstone you prefer.

Because masonry materials can be hard to install if you don’t have the experience, it’s essential to know when you can build a patio with a simple DIY and when to hire a professional. Both options are operable and have unique benefits. Let’s look at what each option presents to understand your choice better.

What to Consider

There are fewer rewarding and fulfilling things than finishing your patio project. However, before you decide whether to hire a professional or simply build it yourself, you should consider the following:

Design Plan

The first thing you’ll need is a clear plan of your desired design. Think about including sketches and pictures of the final structure. This is crucial since it’s used for compiling a complete list of materials required for the job and budgeting. If you opt for a DIY and fail to create a proper plan, you could end up with holes and damages that will eventually cost you much more than hiring a professional.

Tools and Materials

If you use pavers for your patio, you’ll need tons of gravel and sand, approximately 25-30 bags of sand for a 10×12 space.  You can also use concrete, bricks, stamped concrete, or stone. Additional materials like wood, pipes, and leveling string should also feature in your budget before the installation. If you decide to use anything other than pavers, you’ll need to hire a professional or a cutter.


Although DIY patio projects theoretically cut out the labor expense, it might cost you time, energy, and money if the project is messed up. A simple task can quickly turn into a complicated full-time project when you have to dig out roots or cut your materials into shape. Thus, despite being fun and rewarding, it might be expensive if you don’t consider all elements before starting the project.

DIY Patio Construction

Building your own patio for an outdoor space is quite fulfilling. Although getting through the project can be challenging and costly, there are some rewarding benefits to a DIY such as:

Patio installation
Patio installation

Professional Patio Installation

Homeowners who build their patio and/or outdoor spaces themselves often cite financial reasons. While this reason may sound logical, a DIY patio project can result in more damages if you aren’t careful. Below are some of the basic reasons why you might need to hire a professional for your project.


Generally, improper patio installation can result in numerous issues, including drainage problems, cracking, sinking, or shifting of pavers. By hiring professional builders you are assured that each step is perfectly executed according to the highest standards. This means that a professional can help you cut costs and save some money in the long run.

Leave it to Kelly Masonry Patio Experts.

Constructing a befitting patio can be time-consuming and expensive. It requires various materials and a well-grounded understanding of essential construction principles. A professional contractor can help with complex tasks such as design planning, implementation of solid infrastructure for the foundation, and accurately execute the task to produce a stunning outdoor space. Moreover, an expert can also purchase costly materials at effective discounts. You can rest assured they have the skills and tools to complete the job promptly and efficiently.

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  1. I’m glad you elaborated on how professional patio renovations help you avoid major repair costs in the future. My sister wants to remodel her house’s outdoor space, so she’s looking for design ideas. I’m not sure if my sister plans to hire a contractor or make it one of her DIY projects, so I’ll share your insight with her right away. Thanks for the information on how professionals have the skills and tools to provide quality patios.

    1. No problem! We always like hearing our posts are helping people create their dream outdoor space 😁

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