These Are The Outdoor Living Must Haves Our Clients In Delaware County, Chester County, And Montgomery County, Pennsylvania Want

Patio with covering

There are certain outdoor living structures most people need to make an actual living space instead of a fancy deck or patio.

In this post, you can discover what structures people are putting into their outdoor living spaces. 

From Patio To Living Space

“Now it’s time for the patio,” says Josh with a smile.

Nicole grins back. “No more boring patio for us! We’re finally pulling the trigger on upgrading to an outdoor living area!”

“Now, we already know how much an outdoor living space can cost,” says Josh. “What I think we should do next is find out what the outdoor living essentials are.” Nicole nods. “Then let’s go back to where we found the cost blog post.”

Josh wriggles his phone from his pocket and pulls up the blog. “Hey, they do have a post on outdoor living must haves!” he says excitedly. “Let’s check it out”

Here’s what the couple discovers:

5 Outdoor Living Must Haves

Average outdoor living space as a covered patio with a fireplace

1. Deck or patio

2. Pergola

3. LED lighting

4. Firepit or fireplace

5. Walkway

1. Deck Or Patio

Patio with covered deck above it and deck beside it

These are outdoor living essentials because they make up the base for any outdoor living space. It’s better than standing or sitting around a firepit in the grass (especially when wet). You can opt for one or both!

2. Pergola

Patio with pergola

This is the most popular covering for outdoor living spaces. It creates a bit of shade without making you feel closed in. They also fit really well into the look of outdoor living spaces. You can choose from several styles.

3. LED lighting

Outdoor living space with lighting

Just because it gets dark doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your outdoor living space! LED lighting is an outdoor living must have if you truly want to make the most of your area. It’ll create a beautiful new look for your space.

4. Firepit Or Fireplace

Firepit and fireplace in an outdoor living space

Like with lighting, you can use firepits and fireplaces to extend the use of your area. They also make great focal points!

5. Walkway

Concrete walkway and a patio

Walkways are great for multiple reasons. You can have one going around the side of your home. If your outdoor living space doesn’t connect to your house walkways are ideal. Everyone can keep their shoes and your house clean.

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“Reading about these outdoor living essentials has me daydreaming,” laughs Josh. Nicole nods, smiling. “Me too. Let’s see what else we can find on this blog while we talk about these ideas.”

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