This Is How Much It Cost To Build An Outdoor Living Space For The Outside Of Their Home In Delaware County, Montgomery County, Chester County, And Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Average outdoor living space as a covered patio with a fireplace

Thank you for looking this up! Knowing about how much something can cost before contacting a contractor makes for way better and easier conversations.

In this post, you’ll find out the cost to build an outdoor living space. You’ll also discover some of the main factors that can change the price.

No More Boring Grass!

“We can leave some right…wait, what do you mean?” asks Josh.

Nicole smiles. “Got you that time, didn’t I? But seriously, what I mean is I think we should do something with our backyard. Right now it’s boring, just grass and plants.”

Josh tilts his head curiously. “What do you have in mind?” Nicole’s smile widens. “An outdoor living space! It could be a deck or patio, with an outdoor kitchen, or water feature, or pergola, oh there are just so many ideas and designs!”

Josh’s eyes widen. “Ok, wow, as cool as that sounds it also sounds expensive. How much does it cost to build an outdoor living space?”

Nicole slides her phone to him across the kitchen counter. “Here, I was looking into local contractors and found this one. Checked out their outdoor living space service page first, then saw they had a blog post that tells you the cost and more.”

Here’s what Josh sees:

The Cost To Build An Outdoor Living Space

Patio with stone walls and fireplace

The cost of an outdoor living space ranges from $25,000 to $96,000 and more. Basic outdoor living spaces start at $25,000. The average one starts at $45,000. High-end outdoor spaces start at $96,000. The main cost factors are materials, complexity, upgrades, structure choice, and accessibility.

What Basic vs Average vs High-End Outdoor Living Spaces Can Have

Outdoor living space building next to backyard pool

Basic outdoor living spaces tend to be smaller. They can include a small patio, a pergola, and a fire pit.

Average outdoor living spaces are bigger than basic ones and tend to have more. They can include a patio with a pergola or deck, fire pit, fireplace, and cooking area.

High-end outdoor living spaces are large and amazing. They can include a patio, deck, hardscaping, a fully-equipped outdoor kitchen, and more.

Why These Main Factors Change The Cost To Build An Outdoor Living Space

Covered outdoor living space with fireplace and television

Materials. Higher-end materials tend to look better for longer, but because of this, they cost more. Plus, they create a more elegant feel. Lower-end materials can still look good while keeping costs lower.

Complexity. This is one of the biggest factors for the cost of an outdoor living space. If you want a lot of different structures for your outdoor living space, that’ll take more time, labor, materials, and tools. The more you have us do the more it’ll cost.

Upgrades. You can take your outdoor living space to new levels! Try a water feature, landscape lighting, integrated TV and speakers, and more. They do add more to the project which will raise the cost (but will be totally worth it).

Structure choice. Structures cost differently from each other. This can be due to the materials, how complex they are to build, and their size. For example, decks and patios have different materials and may even be on different house stories.

Accessibility. If we have easy access to your backyard the cost won’t be as high. We’ll be able to use machines to carry materials and do some work. If we have to do it by hand, wheelbarrow, and dolly, it’ll add time and labor to your project.

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“Whoa, this is pretty in-depth,” says Josh. “Yep!” says Nicole. “I didn’t look at the other posts yet, though. Let’s check them out together and see what else we can find.”

***Updated 5/2022 to adjust for inflation

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