So you’re ready to build a new patio in your backyard! Deciding to create a new space for you and your family to enjoy is a big investment, but the numbers tell us it pays off. Not sure where to begin? We’ve put together a list of things we always tell our clients to consider before starting any patio project – big or small. Here’s how to design your dream patio the right way!

Creating the ideal outdoor space can be a challenge. In most cases, homeowners want their patios to be versatile. Patios can be a relaxing place from which to work from home, an outdoor play space for the kids, or an entertainment area for parties. Taking into account your personal preferences will go a long way in choosing the final layout of your patio.

Here are some patio design questions to consider:

What is the primary function of my patio?

Patio and Outdoor Kitchen
How much space do you need to include all of your favorite features?

What is my budget?

What hardscape material do you want incorporated into your patio design?

What patio design style do I prefer?

Let’s assume you now know the primary function of your patio, the budget you’re hoping to keep, and the style you prefer. What’s next? Start looking for a contractor/designer. At Kelly Masonry we partner with incredible designers. They collaborate with our clients in order to create their dream patio space. It’s always a good idea to ask your contractor if they provide 2D or 3D designs before starting the project. Though not an essential part of the process, seeing a design before it’s installed can save a lot of time and money.

Patio with pergola and pool

Of course, you can also try your hand at designing the patio yourself. There are many online tools to do this, but we always recommend leaving the final design to the professionals. Not only do they understand the small details related to space and land that need to be calculated, but they’re also privy to permits that may be required. That being said, offering your contractor/designer a rough sketch of your ideas is always helpful!

Once you’re satisfied with the design, contractor, and price, it’s time to start building! Sit back, relax, and let your contractor take it away. You’ll be enjoying your new patio in no time.

Want to discuss your new patio design ideas with our expert masons? Contact us today to discuss your options.

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