Chimney Repair

Making your chimney safe and functional with regular chimney maintenance and chimney repairs

Chimneys - The Joy Of Every Chilly Day

As summer nights blend with brisk autumn mornings and turn into freezing winter days, a chimney brings comfort & warmth.

But this idyllic image of reading a book by the fireplace can turn into a nightmare if your chimney is not working well.

Chimney repair is a must in any house. If left unchecked, damaged chimneys can start a fire, give you carbon monoxide poisoning and ruin your evenings with a smoky fireplace.

You can avoid all that and enjoy time spent inside by checking your chimneys regularly and doing chimney repairs when first signs emerge.

Common Chimney Issues And Why They Happen In The First Place

Leaking chimney & water damage


Improper ventilation and burning


Leaning chimney


Before & After Chimney Repair


Chimney masonry and joints are cracked, incorrect chimney crown, and missing chimney caps.


Complete chimney repointing and flashing replacement. New chimney crown built and new chimney caps to keep debris out and ensure proper ventilation.

Most common chimney repairs we can help you with

How It Works

Giving you a chimney that’s safe and brings you comfort



We’ll meet to inspect the problem and determine the best approach. We’ll also provide an approximate quote for the repairs.



We’ll purchase the materials needed and get to work. We’ll keep you updated with every step of the process as we work on your chimney.


Enjoy Your Chimney

Smoke, debris and other chimney hazards are a thing of the past. Enjoy chilly nights near your functional chimney.

Chimney Repair Prices

Whether you want to fix small chimney cracks or need more serious chimney repairs done, our chimney repair services can be 100% customized to your needs


Can include complete chimney repointing, crown repair or replacement, flashing repair.



Can include complete chimney repointing, crown repair or replacement, flashing repair of larger chimney issue.



For badly-damaged chimneys, a full chimney rebuild may be needed.


*Prices may vary depending on the repairs needed. When repairing chimneys, the price is influenced by the materials you choose and the complexity of the design.
We’ll give you an exact quote and timeline for your specific needs after the consultation.

Happy Clients Recommend Us

We’d love a chance to exceed your expectations!

Dan C.


Kelly Masonry came highly recommended and did not disappoint. They installed a large patio and did an exceptional job.

The job was complex and came with many hurdles, but John made it simple, straightforward and did not pinch pennies. I have recommended them to family and friends.

Jon K.


Kelly Masonry installed a large patio and stairs at our house, and my wife and I couldn’t be happier. They were extremely easy to work with, including going through a couple design modifications, and provided excellent work.

I’d be excited to use them again and have recommended them to a number of friends.

Gareth K.


We have used Kelly Masonry for multiple projects at our home, including walkways , retaining walls, landscape garden walls , water pricing and storm water management.

These guys are responsive, always show up on time and complete the work when they say they will. The staff is friendly and always leave a clean work area.

Schedule your chimney repair to keep it safe and functional