Wynnewood Masonry, Brickwork & Repointing Repair

Do you own one of the stone or brick homes in Wynnewood and are plagued by problems like cracking, crumbling mortar, and shifting brick alignments? This is where knowing a premium Wynnewood masonry and repointing company comes in key.

As one of the area’s top Wynnewood masonry and repointing businesses we have seen just about every issue possible. Our clients know we are dedicated to providing high-quality workmanship and customer service and that’s why they continue to call us. If you’re searching for a new Wynnewood masonry and repointing specialist give us a call. We provide a wide range of services that include:

• Repointing and tuck-pointing of brickwork
• Concrete, slab, and floor foundation work
• Historic masonry work
• Safe demolition and care of masonry openings
• Stucco remediation and replacement
• Real stone veneers
• Block, brick, and stone work

Sometimes when issues with your home pop up it can be easy to put them on the backburner and think “I’ll deal with it tomorrow”. But if your problems are masonry-related, to wait will mean to increase the scope and level of the damage. Keeping this in mind, we’ve designed a list of warning signs to watch out for. If you notice any of these problems at your home, call your Wynnewood masonry and repointing company immediately:

• Bricks that are out of alignment mean that your home’s foundation has probably settled.
• Any cracks visible in your brickwork, stonework, mortar, or foundation need to be addressed immediately as they can be signs of much deeper problems.
• Peeling painted bricks can mean that your mortar has been compromised and is letting water seep in and cause damage.
• If your mortar produces a grey dust when you drag a house key or fingernail across it, you could have a few problems going on. Call a professional right away.

So whether you’re experiencing problems with your Wynnewood home’s masonry or you want to take preemptive measures, give us a call. Our skilled Wynnewood masonry and repointing experts will answer your questions and keep your home looking its best for years to come! Call (610) 812-8759 today.