Villanova Masonry Installation & Repointing Repair

Are you one of the homeowners in the picturesque town of Villanova? It’s smack-dab in the middle of the Philadelphia Main Line, and many of the buildings in the area can be dated to the 19th century and earlier. Owning one of the beautiful stone or immaculate brick homes in Villanova can be rewarding but it also requires certain amounts of vigilance and maintenance, and having a trusted Villanova masonry and repointing company in your contact list.

When it comes to having repair, renovation, or demolition work done to your home’s stonework or brickwork there is a wide margin of error. Any damage that is done or not remediated in time can lead to more serious problems with your home in the future. As an established Villanova masonry and repointing company we understand that a little dedication and know-how can go a long way. That’s why our customers love us and keep coming back, because our experienced Villanova masons and repointing specialists are committed to achieving the highest levels of workmanship at every job.

To help keep your home’s masonry and brickwork in tip-top shape we offer an extensive list of masonry and repointing services Villanova homeowners can choose from, some of which include:

• Repointing and tuck-pointing of brickwork
• Real stone veneer installation and repair
• Stucco remediation and restoration
• Historic masonry work including safe demolition, planking of masonry openings, removal of walls, preservation and repair, etc.
• Block, brick and stonework
• Foundation work for concrete foundations, floor foundations and slab foundations

Each home is unique, our Villanova masons know and embrace this, that’s why we offer many more services so if you have an issue that you don’t see listed here, call us! We are happy to answer your questions and address any needs you have. To help you keep on top of your Villanova masonry and brickwork we’ve put together a little guide. Watch out for the signs below and if you see any of them give your local Villanova masonry and repointing experts a call.

• Cracking anywhere in the stone, brick, or foundation of your home signals a much larger problem. It can be caused by several things and shouldn’t be ignored.
• If there is any crumbling mortar in your stonework or brickwork, seek the help of your trusted Villanova mason immediately.
• If your home is painted brick and you want to repaint it, be sure to remove the old paint entirely. If it is left on at all it can interfere with the integrity of the mortar.
• Look out for brick that has fallen out of alignment, a sign of a foundation that has settled.

So if your home needs some masonry or repointing work done, don’t hesitate to call us. Our Villanova masonry and repointing experts will answer your questions and get you pointed in the right direction. Call (610) 812-8759 today