Villanova Excavation

If you own one of the beautiful, historic estates in Villanova than you probably know that perfectly-manicured lawns and landscaped properties don’t just happen, they’re created! And if you’re one of the homeowners in Villanova than you probably also realize the value of knowing a qualified Villanova excavation company. Not only is an excavation company the one you’ll want to call to build land features on your property, they’re the ones who will keep your land well-drained and your home water-free.

You see, most problems that homeowners run into that require excavation happen underground. That’s why, generally speaking, many problems that require excavation aren’t noticed until they have progressed. In fact, there are several things you can look for that will signal whether or not you need Villanova excavation services on your property and they include:

•    Puddling at low points on your property
•    Water intrusion in your basement or garage
•    Land erosion because of excessive runoff water

Kelly Masonry has been serving the residents of Villanova and the surrounding neighborhoods for decades. We understand the care that goes into providing Villanova excavation services and we have proudly built our reputation on a foundation of superior workmanship. Some of the most common Villanova excavation services that we provide are:

•    Installing French drains and sump pumps
•    Waterproofing basements
•    Excavating for crawlspaces and/or basements
•    Swale and berm buildings
•    Land grading
•    Stormwater management system design and installations

So the next time you think your basement is taking on water or that your property isn’t quite drying out fast enough, give Kelly Masonry a call. We will answer your questions, assess your situation, and develop a custom tailored solution for your home and property. When you work with Kelly Masonry you can rest assured that your Villanova excavation work will be done right the first time around. We guarantee it! Call (610) 812-8759 today to speak with one of our Villanova excavators and get your questions answered.