Radnor Masonry Installation & Repointing Repair

Living on Philadelphia’s Main Line in Radnor can be a little intimidating sometimes. All those beautiful, old brick and stone homes, immaculately kept on their plots of land. Owning a stone or brick home in Radnor is rewarding, but sometimes it requires a little TLC when it comes to keeping your brickwork and stonework in exceptional shape.

Our team of Radnor masons and repointing experts are all skilled and have years of experience under their belts providing masonry and repointing services to the homes of Radnor. We offer a bunch of Radnor repointing and masonry services some of which are:

• Real stone veneer work and installation
• Stucco remediation
• Tuck-pointing and repointing your brickwork or stonework
• Blocking, brickwork and stonework in all styles
• Historic masonry work
• Safe demolition
• Foundation work for concrete, floor, and slab foundations

Whether you’ve owned a stone home before, are in the market for a new brick house, or are living in a stone or brick home now, there are several things you should know. Check out the tip sheet we’ve compiled below and your Radnor masonry and brickwork will look brand new for years to come.

• If your painted brick home is ready for another coat make sure you remove all the old paint first. If you leave it on it will mess up your home’s mortar and could cause water damage.
• Be on the lookout for bricks or stones that are not aligned properly. This could be a sign of shoddy masonry or a sign that your foundation has settled.
• Is your mortar crumbling? If you can’t tell, take a key and scrape it gently across the mortar. If it creates grey dust, your mortar needs the attention of a qualified Radnor masonry and repointing company.
• Watch out for visible cracks in your cement, stonework, and brickwork. If you see any cracks call your Radnor mason immediately.

If you are suffering from one of the issues mentioned above, or if you’re having any issues with your Radnor masonry or brickwork, give us a call! Our Radnor masons and repointing specialists are happy to answer your questions and “point” you in the right direction! Call (610) 812-8759 today.