Radnor Excavation

When it comes to excavation companies not all companies are the same, especially in Radnor where the types of homes and land vary so greatly. Some homes are situated in the middle of sprawling estates while others are neatly-kept homes on tiny plots of land in close proximity to their neighbors. Most homes in the area are older, but there are still new constructions popping up all the time. For these reasons and more it’s important to have a Radnor excavation company on your side that knows the area and understands its unique needs.

As a leading Radnor excavation business that has been serving residents of the area for years we are confident we can take care of your every excavation need. Some of the most common Radnor excavation services that we perform are:

•    Basement waterproofing
•    Excavation for crawlspaces
•    Basement excavation
•    Stormwater management system installation and design
•    French drain installation and repair
•    Sump pump work
•    Grading work
•    Berm and swale building and infilling

No matter if you want to add a beautiful outdoor area complete with landscaped features or if you simply want to put an end to all those puddles at the bottom of your driveway, Kelly Masonry and our team of Radnor excavators can help. When it comes to issues that require excavation work, most problems start underground. This can make it hard to notice when problems crop up, but not impossible. Here are a few red flags to be on the lookout for when it comes to needing Radnor excavation services:

•    Frequent puddling in garage or basement
•    Serious erosion of land due to water runoff
•    Water seepage in basement or garage
•    Puddling of water at the low points on your landscape

So keep taking care of your home, remain vigilant, and if you notice any of the warning signs be sure to call Kelly Masonry at once. Whether you need us to move mountains (well, mountains of land) for you or you need us to stop water intrusion, Kelly Masonry is the perfect Radnor excavation company for the job. Call us today at (610) 812-8759 to speak with one of our Radnor excavators.