Newtown Square Masonry, Repointing & Foundation Repair

The neighborhood of Newtown Square is a friendly, hardworking one, full of people who are proud of what they have earned. It’s evident in the immaculate lawns and well-kept homes that line the streets. But if you’re a homeowner with a brick or stone home in Newtown Square then you know it takes more than a little work to keep your home looking so picture-perfect. It takes a dependable Newtown Square masonry and repointing company, too. Don’t let your home’s look suffer from crumbling mortar or uneven bricks. As one of the top Newtown Square masonry and repointing businesses we offer a variety of services to keep your stone and brickwork looking brand-new:

• Brick repointing
• Installation of real stone veneers
• Repairs to concrete foundations, floors and slab foundations
• Demolition of masonry openings including infilling openings, installation of masonry,
patching, and safe demolition of masonry materials
• Historic masonry work
• And more

The way to keep your Newtown Square masonry looking its best is to always be aware of your home’s condition and stay on top of any masonry problems as soon as you notice them. Because we have been performing Newtown Square masonry and repointing work for so long we have been able to compile a small tip sheet to help you keep your masonry looking great:

• If your home is built from painted brick and it’s time for a new paint job, make sure to thoroughly remove all the old paint first. This will help preserve the integrity of your mortar.
• Do you suspect your mortar is getting destroyed? Take your house key and scrape a section of the mortar. If grey dust is scraped off than you need a Newtown Square masonry contractor to come and tuckpoint your home.
• Looking to buy a home made of brick? Beware of visible cracks anywhere, parging of bricks to hide defects, and be on the lookout for faulty brick alignment that could be due to moisture retention and warping.

For a free estimate or to speak with one of our Newtown Square masons, call us at 610-469-6961. We will address your questions and concerns, and leave you with a beautiful looking home.