Newtown Square Hardscaping Repair & Installation

Looking for a way to spice up your Newtown Square home that will turn heads and raise its value? Look no further than Kelly Masonry! Our dedicated team of Newtown Square hardscapers are skilled at creating gorgeous scenery and hardscaped features for the residents of the area, and they can create something beautiful for you, too. Whether you want to add a water feature or patio to your home, or you simply need some repairs, Kelly Masonry has got you covered.

No matter the size or scope of your Newtown Square hardscaping project, the professionals from Kelly Masonry can quickly ad expertly handle it for you. As one of the leading Newtown Square hardscaping companies we handle a wide variety of issues and projects. Among some of the most common hardscape services that we offer some are:

• Design, construction, and repair of brick and concrete steps
• Patio design and installation
• Retaining wall construction and repair
• Cracked patio repair
• Garage floor installation and repair
• Design and construction of outdoor fireplace, oven, firepits

Are you experiencing an issue that you don’t see listed above? That’s perfectly OK. We are experienced in a huge variety of problems and issues and can quickly help you figure out what you’re dealing with and how best to fix it. Or, if the issue you’re experiencing is happening in your design process, our team of Newtown Square hardscapers and designers can act as an extra set of eyes and give you another opinion.

Sometimes it can be overwhelming to even think about undergoing a hardscape project, whether it’s difficult to design, difficult to figure out the logistics of, or you aren’t sure which company to choose to help you. But your Newtown Square hardscape project should be something fun, something to look forward to and get excited for. So in that spirit we’ve compiled a list of recent hardscaping trends, tips and ideas to help you get inspired and excited about hardscaping your Newtown Square property.

• If you have a smaller backyard or space to work with you can make it seem larger by using the same type of paving material on each paved space.
• A memorable Newtown Square hardscape project doesn’t have to be huge to make a big impact. Add subtle hardscape accents like hardscape-edged flower beds and walkways to create a cohesive, classy style.
• Don’t wait until tomorrow to have your cracked cement and flagstones repaired. They aren’t just eyesores, they can hurt someone who isn’t paying attention to where they’re walking.
• Give your backyard playful pops of color! If you use gravel around your patio, pool, or outside space, consider replacing it with environmentally friendly recycled tire rubber, or even multi-colored recycled glass pebbles.
• Don’t forget that you’ll probably be enjoying your new space in both the daylight and nighttime hours, so plan your lighting accordingly!

Now that you’re thinking about all the possibilities your Newtown Square hardscape project can fulfill, give us a call with any questions. We will address your concerns, answer your questions, and steer you in the right direction no matter what your goal is. At Kelly Masonry we take pride in each and every Newtown Square hardscaping project that we undertake, and we can’t wait to serve you!