Newtown Square Excavation

Are you a resident or homeowner in Newtown Square PA? If so you probably know that all the beautiful properties and immaculately-kept lawns don’t just style and take care of themselves. It helps to know a good Newtown Square excavation and landscaping business for those undertakings that can’t quite be completed on your own. Whether you want to dig for a new pool, put in a patio and outdoor kitchen area for an upcoming celebration, or you simply need to address your runoff and water intrusion problems, having a good excavation company on your side will make your project a lot easier.

We have been providing excellent customer service and outstanding workmanship to residents of the Newtown Square and surrounding areas for years and we’re confident we can help you with your excavation project too. Some of the Newtown Square excavation services that we offer include:

•    Waterproofing basements
•    Crawlspace excavation
•    Stormwater management system repair and installation
•    Grading work
•    Basement excavation
•    Installation and repair of French drain systems
•    Swale and berm excavation, building, and infilling
•    Installation and repair of sump pumps

When it comes to Newtown Square excavation, each home is different and so is each project. Our team of Newtown Square excavators will always work courteously and quickly, treating your property as if it were their own. No matter what problem you’re facing, Kelly Masonry can help you solve it. If you’re suffering from a problem that you don’t see on this page just give us a call, we know we’ll be able to take care of it.

When it comes to Newtown Square excavation work, oftentimes the source of the problem that needs fixing comes from underground. Naturally, it’s easy to miss these issues when they first pop up because we can’t see underground. However, there are a few tell-tale warning signs that you can look for that signal the need for a professional Newtown Square excavation team. Some of these warning signs include:

•    Problems with your soil or land eroding
•    Water intruding into your basement or garage
•    Puddling at the base of your driveway and at low points on your land
•    Problems with excessive runoff water when it rains

If you see any of the above-mentioned warning signs on your property don’t hesitate to call us. It only takes a little while for a small problem to turn into a huge one. Our Newtown Square excavators will assess your problem and present you with the best solution. Call (610) 812-8759 today to speak with one of our Newtown Square excavation professionals, consultations are always free!