Media Masonry, Repointing & Foundation Repair

If you own one of the impeccable brick or stone homes spread throughout Media you are probably already aware that to keep your brick or stone home looking so nice you need to keep on-top of maintenance and repairs as they crop up. Sometimes all it takes is a little elbow-grease and determination. But for all the other times, you’ll need to have a professional Media masonry and repointing service on speed dial. The differences between a quality masonry job and a sub-par one are glaring. Don’t let sub-standard masonry or repointing work mar your Media home.

As one of the leading Media masonry and repointing businesses we offer a bunch of services to help keep your brickwork, stonework, and foundation looking new. Some of these services include:

• Real stone veneer installation and repair
• Brick repointing
• Tuck-pointing
• Repairs to concrete, floor, and slab foundations
• Historic masonry work
• Safe demolition of masonry openings including patching, masonry installation, infilling openings, and safe demolition of masonry.

Our services don’t end with the above list, if you’re experiencing an issue that you don’t see listed simply call us! One of our Media masonry and repointing specialists will help get you “pointed” in the right direction. The best way to keep your Media masonry looking great is check it frequently for any signs of problems. Through our years performing Media masonry and repointing work we have gathered a list of tips to help you stay on top of your masonry and keep it looking beautiful:

• Do you own a painted brick home and are thinking about repainting it? Be sure to first remove all of the old paint. If any old paint lingers it can effect the integrity of your mortar and cause it to retain water.
• Are you considering purchasing a brick home? Give it a thorough look first and beware any visible cracks, parging that hides a defected brick, or faulty brick alignment. These could be caused by moisture retention and warping due to temperature change.
• Is your mortar suspect? If you suspect that your mortar’s integrity has been compromised there’s an easy way to tell for sure: take your house key and scrape it gently against a bit of mortar. If grey dust flakes off then your mortar has been compromised and needs the attention of a Media masonry professional.

Keep in mind if you’re experiencing a problem with your masonry, stonework or brickwork that you didn’t see listed above, just call us. We can handle any masonry problem that you’re experiencing, no matter how large or how small. If you have any questions regarding your Media masonry give us a call. We are happy to answer your questions and address your concerns. Help is just a phone call away at 610-469-6961.