Malvern Masonry Installation & Repointing Repair

Owning one of the pristine brick or stone homes in Malvern can be rewarding. Brickwork and stonework can give homes a truly unique look. However, if your home suffers from shoddy masonry work, your home could be standing out for all the wrong reasons. As one of the top, local Malvern masonry and repointing companies we take pride in making and keeping our customers’ homes looking like new.

We have been serving the residents of Malvern for years and have dealt with nearly every masonry and repointing issue that exists. Some of our most common Malvern masonry and repointing services include:

• Foundation work for slab, concrete, or wood floor foundations
• Installation and repair or real stone veneers
• Brickwork, stonework, and blocking
• Historic masonry work
• Demolition work including taking care of masonry openings
• Repointing
• Tuck-pointing
• Stucco remediation

When it comes to taking care of your home’s masonry, a little knowledge and attention can go a long way. Many of the more serious issues can be quickly remediated and prevented if they are caught in time. We are the masonry and repointing business Malvern residents trust, and as such we’d like to provide you with a list of tips and “red flags” to look out for. If you see any of the following, contact your local Malvern masonry and repointing professionals immediately:

• Peeling of paint on painted brick surfaces. This could mean your mortar is compromised and may be retaining water.
• Any cracks that are visible in your foundation, brickwork or stonework. If you see cracks, call us immediately.
• Is the alignment of your bricks off? If so, this could signal that your foundation is settling or has settled.
• If you are repainting your painted brick home, make sure you get every bit of the old paint off first. If not, it can ruin the integrity of your mortar and cause peeling, cracking, and water retention.

So the next time you’re in need of a Malvern masonry and repointing service, give us a call. We are capable of handling your every problem, not matter how big or how small. Call (610) 812-8759 today to speak with a Malvern mason and repointing specialist.