Havertown Masonry, Repointing & Foundation Repair

Do you own one of the beautiful stone or brick homes throughout Havertown? Many of these homes, whether older stone mansions or newer brick homes, have a pristine look to them. This immaculate look is due mostly to proper masonry work. It’s easy to spot the home that needs a little repointing or a stone driveway that’s crumbling, believe us. As an experienced Havertown masonry and repointing company we’ve seen (and fixed) it all.

It’s amazing how much professional masonry work can make your Havertown home stand out. Not only does stone or brick masonry give your home a classy look, it helps to keep your home in the best shape possible. Some of the Havertown masonry services that we offer are:

• Installation and repair of block, brick, stone, and real stone veneers
• Any demolition of masonry openings including patching, installing masonry, infilling
existing openings, and safe demolition of masonry materials.
• Historic masonry work
• Brick repointing
• Installation and repair of real stone veneers
• Foundation repairs of concrete foundations, floors and slabs

The trick to maintaining your Havertown home’s masonry work and keeping it looking its best is to stay on top of possible problems before they become serious problems. Having done so much Havertown masonry and repointing work in the past, we have come up with a tip sheet designed to help you keep your masonry looking its best.

• If you’re considering purchasing a brick home look out for these signs of poor masonry work: parging of bricks to hide defects, visible cracks that could signal foundation settling, faulty brick alignment due to moisture retention.
• If you think your mortar has been deteriorating take a key and scrape it across the mortar. If the key scratches up dust then you should call your local Havertown masonry contractors to perform tuckpointing immediately.
• Living in a painted brick home? Be sure to strip the old paint off your home before repainting it to protect the integrity of your mortar.

If you have noticed any of the above-mentioned warning signs on the exterior of your home’s Havertown masonry, call us right away. We will address your concerns, answer any questions you may have, and get your home looking pristine again in no time.

Call (610) 469-6961 today to speak with one of our Havertown masons.