Havertown Excavation of Crawlspaces, Basements & Waterproofing

Living in the beautiful northeast can prove to be challenging sometimes, especially when the seasons change. If you’re suffering from water intrusion problems, or need to have work done to your yard or basement, you need a Havertown excavation company that you can trust. You need Kelly Masonry! Our team of excavators has been keeping Havertown homeowners dry and happy for years.

As one of the area’s leading Havertown excavation businesses we offer a wide range of excavation services to our customers including:

• Excavation for crawlspaces and basements
• Basement waterproofing
• Design, installation, and repair of stormwater management systems
• Installation and repair of French drains
• Installation and repair of sump pumps
• Grading
• Swale and berm excavation

If you are experiencing an issue or need a service that you don’t see listed above, call us. We handle a huge variety of excavation issues and can help you figure out what you need at your home. Is your Havertown home suffering from puddles around your driveway or water intrusion in your basement every time it rains? Is your garden or yard being destroyed by runoff water? A simple Havertown excavation and French drain installation could be the solution. Simply call Kelly Masonry with your questions and issues, we’ll help you diagnose the problem and figure out the best solution for you.

Because there is such a huge variety of excavation services and needs that can exist, we’ve made a list of several things that may signal an underground problem that needs to be addressed by your Havertown excavation company:

• Puddles or water intrusion inside or around your home after it rains.
• Sinking ground on your property
• If your landscape has an erosion problem
• Septic leakage or seepage anywhere on your property

Our Havertown excavation team is professional and considerate; we will work around your schedule if possible, always maintain a safe site, and clean up after ourselves. We will treat your property as if it were our own. We have been providing excavation services to the homeowners of Havertown for years. We understand that each home is unique and each Havertown excavation solution must be equally unique. Let us handle your every Havertown excavation need while you sit back and relax.

Exceptional service and quality customer service is at the core of our Havertown excavation business. Our technicians, excavators and designers are licensed, insured, and focused on doing their job right the first time. At Kelly Masonry we’re here for you no matter what your Havertown excavation need is. We can’t wait to serve you! Call us at (610) 812-8759 with any questions or concerns, or to speak with a Havertown excavation technician today.