Haverford Masonry, Brickwork & Repointing Repair

It’s amazing how much difference quality masonry work can make in the look of a building or home. Driving through the quaint town of Haverford PA it’s easy to spot the homes and businesses that have had sub-par masonry work done. As one of the leading Haverford masonry and repointing companies, we have seen and dealt with every issue there is and we know we can help you with your masonry or repointing problem, too.

Each home is unique, and so are its masonry needs. We offer a huge variety of Haverford masonry and repointing services. Some of these services include but are not limited to:

• Repointing brickwork or tuck-pointing brickwork
• Repairs to your concrete, floor, or slab foundation
• Real stone veneers
• Block, brick, stone installation and repair
• Historic masonry
• Demolition masonry and masonry openings
• Stucco remediation and replacement

The trick to keeping your Haverford home’s masonry in top shape is to always be on the lookout for signs of a problem, and if you find these signs, taking care of the problem as soon as it shows up. To help you identify and rectify any masonry issues your Haverford home may be suffering from, we’ve designed the following pieces of advice:

• Be on the lookout for cracks in your foundation, stone, brick, or mortar. These are signs of a deeper, serious problem.
• Is the paint peeling off your brick home? This could signal your mortar’s integrity is compromised and allowing water to seep in.
• If the bricks in your home aren’t lined up anymore your foundation has more than likely settled and needs the professional attention of a Haverford masonry and repointing professional.
• A word of advice: if you’re going to repaint your painted brick home, remove all traces of the old stuff first. Leftover paint can damage your mortar and allow water in.

Don’t let a molehill turn into a mountain. If you’re noticing something wrong with your home, call your dedicated Haverford masonry and repointing service today, call Kelly Masonry. We will help guide you and “point” you in the right direction!
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