Glen Mills Masonry, Brickwork & Repointing Repair

If you own one of the quaint brick or stone homes in Glen Mills PA than you probably already know that keeping your brick or stone home in great shape takes a little effort. It takes a little elbow grease, an eye for detail to spot problems before they become disasters, and it also helps to have a trusty Glen Mills masonry and repointing business on speed dial.

As one of the best Glen Mills masonry and repointing companies we have been providing quality services to the residents of Glen Mills and the surrounding areas for years. We understand that each home presents a unique set of needs, and we take care to treat each job with respect as if we were working on our own home. Since starting, we have run the gamut of masonry, repointing, and foundation issues and we’re confident we can help you with whatever problem you’re encountering. Some of the most common Glen Mills masonry and repointing services that we offer include:

• Tuck-pointing of bricks
• Repointing of bricks
• Historic masonry work and repairs
• Demolition of masonry openings, installation and infilling of openings, patching, and safe demolition of masonry
• Brick, block, stone installation, repair and replacement
• Concrete, floor and slab foundation installation and repair
• Real stone veneer installation and repair

The trick to keeping your Glen Mills masonry looking its best is to be vigilant and periodically check your home for signs of wear and tear that may need attention. Sometimes it’s easy to take care of certain little problems yourself, while other times it would be laughable to attempt repairs without the help of a Glen Mills masonry and repointing specialist. To help you maintain your home’s beauty we’ve come up with a list of tips and tricks designed to help you keep your home’s masonry and brickwork looking great. If you see signs of any of the following issues, call your Glen Mills masonry and repointing company immediately:

• If you suspect your mortar is weak, take a house key and scrape it against the mortar to check. If you scrape off a grey dust, your mortar has indeed been damaged and needs professional attention.
• Is your painted brick home flaking? This could be because all the old paint wasn’t stripped off your home before it was repainted. If this happens it can be a sign that you have water intrusion issues in your brick or mortar.
• Are you considering buying a new brick home? Beware these signs of poor masonry work: visible cracks in the cement, foundation or bricks; poorly aligned bricks that can signal a settled foundation; bricks that are covered in parging could be hiding defects.

Are you experiencing a problem that you don’t see listed above? That’s OK! There is a wide variety of problems that could be causing your specific issue, so give us a call and we’ll diagnose your problem and recommend a solution. Call (610) 469-6961 today to speak with a Glen Mills masonry and repointing specialist!