Broomall Masonry, Brickwork & Repointing Repair

Owning one of the pretty brick or stone homes in Broomall can be quite rewarding, especially if your masonry work was done well. Nothing can make your home look worse than poorly-executed masonry work. As one of the leading Broomall masonry and repointing companies we’ve seen nearly every problem there is, and fixed them all.

Stonework and brickwork truly makes a home stand out, and while it is true that brick needs very little maintenance there are still a few small problems that can quickly grow into larger ones if not immediately addressed. Because of this we offer a full selection of Broomall masonry work that includes:

• Historic masonry work and repair
• Repointing bricks
• Demolition of masonry openings including installation, infilling of openings, patching,
and safe demolition of masonry materials
• Installation and repair of brick, block and stone
• Foundation repairs including concrete foundations, floors and slabs
• Installation and repair of real stone veneers

When it comes to properly maintaining your home’s fine Broomall masonry work there are a few things to be on the lookout for that will signal whether or not you need to call your local Broomall masonry and repointing company. Keeping this in mind, we’ve developed a list of tips for you to keep your home’s masonry looking its best:

• If your brick home is painted make sure you strip off any old paint completely before repainting. This will help to keep your mortar intact.
• Buying a new brick home? Be on the lookout for the following signs of poor masonry work: any visible cracks could signal the foundation has settled; bricks that could be covering up defects with parging; faulty brick alignment could signal moisture retention.
• Worried your mortar may already be deteriorating and in need of tuckpointing? Take a key and scrape it across the mortar, if grey dust crumbles off give your local Broomall masonry company a call.

So if your brick, stone, blocking, or mortar looks like it may be on the way out, give Kelly Masonry a call today. Our professional Broomall masons will take care of your problems and leave you with masonry work you’ll be proud to show off.

Call 610-469-6961 today to speak with one of our Broomall masonry and repointing contractors or to ask any questions.