Broomall Hardscaping Repair & Installation

If you own one of the immaculate stone or brick homes in Broomall, than you are probably already aware of the fact that a little strategic hardscaping can go a long way. Not only will the addition of hardscape features add to your home’s general style and curb appeal, it will also add to the value of your home! Have you been considering having Broomall hardscaping work done but don’t know a reputable company? Good thing you’ve found Kelly Masonry.

We love what we do and have been providing Broomall hardscaping services to the residents of the area for years. Let your personality and style shine through a creative hardscaped stone patio or beautiful retaining wall. Whether you’re looking to make an addition to your property or you’re in need of some hardscape repair, our Broomall hardscape professionals can solve your problem. Some of the Broomall hardscape repair and installation services that we provide include:

• Design and construction of patios
• Design and construction of outdoor fireplace and firepit areas
• Garage flooring installation and repair
• Retaining wall installation and repair
• Cracked patio repair
• Concrete and brick step repair and/or replacements

If you have an idea or need for an upcoming Broomall hardscape project and don’t see it listed above, that’s OK. We offer plenty more services and can help you no matter what step you are on regarding your home project. Our Broomall hardscapers are all skilled and experienced, they won’t quit until the job is done right and you are 100% satisfied, we guarantee it.

Want to make changes to the hardscape of your Broomall home but are struggling with ideas? Our Broomall hardscape designers and artisans have come up with a few simple but fetching ideas for you to get your creative juices flowing with:

• Give your Broomall home an upscale look at a cut-rate price with interlocking concrete pavers. Concrete is less expensive than natural stone and look much more posh surrounding a pool than slabs of concrete.
• Is your backyard on the small side? If you have multiple paved spaces consider using the same paving material. This will actually make your space look larger instead of crowded and busy the way different paving materials can.
• Adding a raised patio with steps will make a small yard look larger and feel more expansive. This is also a great option if your yard is plagued by puddles and mud.
• Consider mixing materials like wide flagstones or pavers with bright green Irish moss in between the pavers for a fresh, funky look.
• Create flow with a curved wall, round patio, or rounded deck. This can make a big impression if you have a larger area to work with.
• Create a focal point, create interest in your design! You can do this by having a large boulder emerge from the center of your stone patio, you can have a beautiful weeping willow tree with antique lanterns hanging from it, an outdoor firepit or fireplace, anything goes.

If you’re ready to take your home to the next level with one of our Broomall hardscape services, call us today. We will answer your questions and help you decide on the project that’s right for you. Call us today to speak with a Broomal hardscaping professional.